A celebration of the potential of YOU!

You have been given an incredible gift:  that of potential.  Potential is the idea of things that can be, things that can happen in the future, depending on what's done today.  In order to reach potential, we set goals and we learn and we try to improve ourselves, all for the sake of growing and trying to reach our own potential.  You have the potential to make your life something truly special, a life that will affect others in very positive ways.
It's been said that you can count the seeds in the apple, but you can't count the apples in the seed.  That's because the apple is limited, already in its final form, but the seed is pure potential, ready to burst forth and become a tree that will in turn create countless apples that will give forth countless seeds.  We have to choose, though, what we're going to do with our potential--are we going to find situations in which it can bear fruit and grow, or will we hide it, neglect it, and keep it out of sight so that it will never feel the touch of the sun or the nourishment of the soil and water?

Your potential belongs to you, but the fulfillment of your potential is a great gift to the people who shall witness and benefit from that fulfillment.  You must believe that your potential is real, that it is not a figment of your imagination or just something that other people try to convince you that you have.  You have the potential to be great, even if the scale of that greatness may not be as broad as you might hope for.  It's clear that the person who has the potential to affect the lives of a few, and who fulfills that potential in a very positive way, contributes much more than the person who has the potential to affect many, but who squanders that potential and never allows it to reach fruition.  Acknowledge your potential, then work to fulfill it, then watch the beautiful effects that you will have on your own life and the lives of those who share this world with you.

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