A celebration of the growth of YOU!

You are growing each day that you're alive.  You are right now in the process of becoming a different human being than you were yesterday, all because you've been given the ability and desire to grow and develop.  Tomorrow you will know things that you didn't know yesterday, and your view of the world and your opinions will shift with your new knowledge.  Tomorrow you will have as part of your past today's experiences, something that you didn't have yesterday.  Tomorrow you will believe things and believe in things that yesterday you still hadn't known or thought of.
You can choose to reject growth, to try to stay the same as you are without changing at all, but human beings were not meant to live that way.  You can choose to embrace growth, to do your best to allow yourself to use new knowledge and ideas to become someone new and vital and alive.  Sometimes as we grow we must cast off old beliefs and behaviors, and that can be painful at times.  Sometimes as we grow we find that others are threatened by the way we're developing while they're doing their best to stand still, and when they criticize us, that can be painful, too.

But the only true obstacle to growth is ourselves.  If we allow the possibility of pain to keep us from learning new things, then we're doing ourselves a great disservice.  If we allow the fear of the unknown to keep us from exploring new places or ideas, then we're not allowing ourselves to reach our full potential of growth.  We are our own obstacles to growth, and the best thing that we can do for ourselves is not to let our fears stand in the way of our growth, for too much depends on us growing and developing.  Too many other people can be affected in positive ways when we learn new ideas that help us to see the world in a positive light.
We must not confuse growth with the adoption of other people's creeds or ideas or beliefs.  We are not growing if we simply adopt the thoughts of others as our own, and we're well on the road to destroying our individuality if we do so.  Each tree grows with different numbers of branches, different shapes, more or fewer leaves, or to different heights.  No one expects trees to grow in the exact same ways as the other trees do, and it's rather silly to believe that human beings can or should grow into the same beliefs as everyone else.  Trust yourself to grow into the being you're supposed to become, and allow yourself to grow fully.  Prune yourself when you need to, and cast off those branches that are hindering your growth, and always make sure that you have the nutrients--physical and spiritual and emotional--that will allow you to grow in the most healthy way possible.  Be good to yourself, and you will grow.

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