A celebration of the love that is YOU!

We are beings of love, and you are no different from the rest of us--you are able to feel loved and to be loved, and that love is the only power that is true power on this planet.  We must always be willing to share our love, to spread it as far and as wide as we possibly can, for love is something that we get more of the more we give it away.  It's not like food that disappears as we eat it, or fuel that is burned as it is used; instead, love grows ever stronger and ever fuller as we give more away to the people who are part of our lives, and even those who aren't.
One of the amazing "secrets" of life is that we all have within us an unlimited supply of love; somehow, though, we shy away from sharing this love because we think that our supply will dissipate.  Too few of us have learned that we first must share our love with ourselves in order to release its full potential--we must love ourselves fully and unconditionally if we're to be able to love others truly and freely.  You have within you more love than you ever can share on this planet, but you must turn it inward first to prime the pump, to allow it to flow freely to wherever it is needed.
You are lovable.  You are worthy of love, of being loved.  You are a valuable member of the family of human beings that lives on this planet right now, and you can help to make the world a better place by showing your love, to yourself and to others.  Your small acts of love can help to make people feel safe, consoled, helped, cared for and about.  Love grows as it is spread, and your acts of love today will be multiplied into many acts more tomorrow.  Ask yourself always, "Am I contributing to the love on this planet?", and act accordingly.  The love that you are will become a very special part of who you are, and what other people who come in contact with you feel about life.

Your love is within you always, and the best thing that you can do for it is to fight the fear that keeps you from spreading it.  Learn to recognize when and how it's most appropriate to share the love you have.  Help others to learn how to share their love, too, and watch how they grow stronger and more confident, just as you will as you see how others receive your love.  Help them to love themselves, and make sure that you give yourself the love that you deserve.  When all is said and done, love is everything.

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