A celebration of the wonder of YOU!

You are a wonder.  You have abilities that you barely recognize, and you have potential that is virtually unlimited.  You are a person who can love, give, encourage, motivate, inspire, and help others to get through life in positive, peaceful ways.  You are able to see things that other people can't see, and you feel things in ways that others don't.
You have come through difficult trials, and you've not only endured, but thrived.  You continue to seek the best for you and for those you love, and you keep your eyes and heart open for new possibilities and opportunities for growth and learning.  In spite of your own needs, you continue to seek out ways to give to others, hoping to make their journeys more pleasant and less painful.  When you make mistakes, you bounce back and learn from them, not allowing them to keep you down and not allowing despair to keep its hold on you.  Your resilience is a model for others to follow.

Our bodies are wonders themselves.  The incredible combination of muscles, blood vessels, bones, brains, lungs, eyes, heart, and so much more are miracles of nature, functioning in ways that often defy explanation.  With a simple thought, we can cause our fingers to bend or our toes to wiggle, or we can balance on a fence or shoot a basket from twenty feet away.  We all have different gifts of things that we're able to accomplish by using our bodies, you no less than anyone else.  Notice and appreciate the wonder of your body and the many things it allows you to do,  and you'll start to feel the incredible sense of wonder that comes with the realization that your body truly accomplishes wonderful things every day that you're alive.
Do not doubt that you are a wonder.  Do not doubt that the gifts you possess are wonderful, and are only waiting to be developed into their full potential.  Do not doubt that your gifts are wonderful to someone, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem to you.  Do not doubt that the wonder of you is a special gift to the world that makes us all a bit richer.  Doubt cannot tarnish the wonder of anything, but it can create a filter through which wonder is hard to see.  Recognize, accept, and appreciate the true wonder of you!

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