A celebration of the uniqueness of YOU!

You have been created as a completely unique individual.  While your thoughts and ideas may be similar to those of other human beings, no one possesses exactly the same combination of gifts and dreams and hopes and ambitions that you carry within you.  You are a marvelous, miraculous combination of potential and character, personality and ability.
When you look at other people and all that they've accomplished and all that they have, there's no need to compare yourself with them.  Quite simply put, their lives are different.  They are where they are, and you are where you are.  Your goal as a unique individual should not be to have and do the things that other people do, but to find your own path, your own way of being, your own way to accomplish your goals and reach your own dreams.

Remember always that there are people who would have you believe that you would be better off rejecting your uniqueness and acting just like everyone else.  There are people who would like to see you have the same wants as everyone else so that you'll be interested in buying their products or services.  You are not here, though, to conform to what others want you to be--you are here to be yourself, to share your unique and special gifts with the people who are a part of your life.  Do not distress yourself with imaginings of "what you should be" or "where you should be" or "what you should be accomplishing."  Instead, look at your life and look for the opportunities that are there for you to share your gifts and your unique perspective on life with others.
If you haven't yet found the people who appreciate your uniqueness and your individuality, perhaps you haven't been looking in the right places.  There are many people who will appreciate you fully, but if you try to find "acceptance" among people who want you to change who you are in order to "fit in," you'll find that their acceptance is fleeting, and their loyalty to you depends upon your willingness to conform.  Be you--always be you--and be with the people who will accept you for exactly what and who you are.  You may not see these people now if you're looking in the wrong places, but keep your eyes and your heart open, and listen to your intuition and your instincts.

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