A celebration of the beauty of YOU!

The beauty that is you is indescribable, for how can we put into words something that defies explanation, description, and definition?  Most people, unfortunately, bury their beauty beneath layers of disbelief in themselves, rejection of themselves, or condemnation of themselves and their supposed shortcomings.  Beauty must be recognized and allowed to grow and develop and mature, yet if we deny our own beauty, we're keeping it locked in a cage inside of our selves and not allowing it to become everything it has the potential to be.
Perhaps your beauty isn't completely of the physical kind--that's fine.  Once you accept that fact and allow your inner beauty to shine through, your physical appearance becomes much less important.  When we judge ourselves harshly, though, just because we don't look like someone we admire, that harsh judgment takes away from our looks, turning our beauty into something else.  The cheetah's greatest beauty shines through when it's in motion, but when it's kept in a cage in a zoo, that motion never happens, and the animal becomes something much less than it has the potential to be.

What aspects of your own beauty do you keep hidden away?  What are you keeping from the rest of the world, rather than sharing with the world?  When the cheetah does run, its running grows better every time it does so.  When we allow our beauty to shine through, it grows stronger every time we allow it to do so.  You are a beautiful person--make no mistake about that, for if you do make that mistake, you'll find that you are doing yourself a great deal of harm.
Accept your beauty.  Be beautiful.  Allow your beauty to shine out to the rest of the world, and let it grow and prosper.  Take care of yourself, but pay no heed to the people who tell you what you should look like or what you should wear or how you should cut your hair--they're only trying to make you conform to their idea of what beauty should be, and they are not looking at your own inherent beauty and allowing that to be enough.

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