I wish you forgiveness, both the power to forgive and the wisdom and strength to seek forgiveness.  One of the most powerful forces in the world, forgiveness frees us from anger, resentment, and the lack of peace that results from these emotions.


Forgiveness allows us to move on with our lives, leaving the mistakes of the past where they belong--in our pasts rather than in our present.  I wish you the ability to see clearly when it's important for you to ask forgiveness for the hurts that you might have caused others.  Often, we don't clearly see the results of our own actions, and others suffer needlessly, wondering why we've done what we've done.  We often can clear the air and clear our lives and ease our minds with a simple apology, but we need to know when such an apology is necessary, and when one will be helpful.

I wish you the graciousness and the grace to accept apologies when they are offered sincerely.  Such forgiveness is important both for yourself and the person who is apologizing; refusal to accept an apology affects you more than it affects the person who is apologizing.  Accepting apologies is another way of saying "I am ready to move on with my life, and I am ready to put behind me the things that belong there."  Forgiveness is one of the strongest healing forces in the world, and it must not be asked for or accepted lightly or without sincerity; it must also not be rejected when offered sincerely.

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Forgiveness is an act of love.  As I forgive, I release negative energy that
may manifest as resentment or anger.  I open the way for something positive
to happen.  If I feel wronged or annoyed, I release the impulse to judge.  The
lines of communication remain open, and understanding flows freely.  Relationships
with family, friends and colleagues flourish when I act with compassion and
easily forgive.  I relate to others in harmonious ways.  I exercise the same
forgiving attitude toward myself.  If I have erred, I learn from it and move on.
I draw from the reservoir of God's love within me to give and receive forgiveness.

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