I wish you the ability to let go, the ability to allow yourself to allow life to do its thing without you attempting to control the outcomes of everything that goes on around you.  I hope that you always will be able to recognize the situations over which you truly have no control, and try to let them be, accepting the outcomes as they are, and not judging them based on what you wanted them to be.

Many people go through lives trying to control people and situations, though they're rarely aware of just what they're doing.  For many, this behavior is the result of some sort of childhood drama, such as a parent's alcoholism, a family's poverty, or an absent parent, among many other things.  They don't realize that they're trying to control others, making others feel uncomfortable, and they don't realize that so much of their own unhappiness results from their consistent failure to control situations on their own terms.

I wish you the ability to see when attempts to control are appropriate, and when things are best left alone.  I wish you the ability to allow things to occur without your input; sometimes our most important contribution is simply to observe.  We can support and love without telling others what to do, without trying to help them in every facet of their lives; we must let others learn in their own ways and make their own mistakes if they're to become the people that God meant them to be.  Just as we don't accompany our children to every single class in school that they attend, we don't need to be there to guide them through every one of life's lessons.


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There are things that we never want to let go
of, people we never want to leave behind.
But keep in mind that letting go isnít the end
of the world; itís the beginning of a new life.