Be Willing to Be a Little Outrageous
to Get What You Want!

Lisa Jimenez


Some psychologists say, "If a child has not had a serious fall within the first year of life, they are being too closely guarded."  Now you might not agree with that statement in regards to children, but that statement needs to be said for our adult lives.  Have you had a serious fall in the past year?  If not, is it because you're being too closely guarded?  Are you too cautious?  Too safe?  Too practical?  Too boring?

Your lack of courage is costing you - a lot!  It is your lack of courage that keeps you from greater profits, more intimate relationships, and a life you love!

The good news is one act of courage--in any area of your life--has a powerful affect on all the other areas of your life.  Your career, your marriage, your friendships need just one outrageous act to bounce you out of a rut and into a more abundant, courageous life!

During one of my recent speeches, after sharing with my audience about the time I moved to Hawaii by myself at the age of 18, I asked them to yell out the most outrageous thing they've ever done in life.  After a short pause a man yelled, "I once bought a sailboat, and I didn't know a thing about sailing!"  

Another shouted, "I walked away from a six-figure income to start my own business!"  A lady called out, "I backpacked in Europe for a summer!" another shouted, "I met a man in a bar and married him--and we're still happily married today!"

The synergy in that room was magical!  As we relived our most outrageous acts of courage, we began to paint a path to risk again.

Courage is like a muscle.  It's weak until it's worked out.  But it doesn't take long to build this courage muscle into a strong, fit, powerful force!

What about you?

What are your most outrageous acts of courage?  Think about them.  Relive them.  And let these memories from the courageous side of you help empower the possibilities of today.

One courageous act leads to another.  It creates a courageous mentality.

What is the one thing you are willing to do right now that's a little outrageous to get your courageous muscles back into shape?

Do it!  And watch opportunity begin to open up in all areas of your life.  There's something about being willing to go all out that reminds us of just how big and abundant life can be.  This one act of courage is your first step that will lead you to a courageous mentality and life of abundance!

Make it a great and prosperous day.

Lisa Jimenez has helped thousands of top salespeople shatter their self-limiting beliefs and finally get the breakthrough success they want.

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Any life truly lived is a risky business, and if one puts up
too many fences against the risks one ends by shutting
out life itself.

Kenneth S. Davis


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