26 January  2016      

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One Person's Garbage. . .
Charlie Badenhop

 Let the Past Go
Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Spirit to Spirit
David Thomas

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Every time you heal a dark part of yourself you bring more light into the world.

Stephen C. Paul

I believe fervently in our species and have no patience with the current fashion of running down the human being as a useful part of nature.  On the contrary, we are a spectacular, splendid manifestation of life.

Lewis Thomas

It is easy in the world to live after the world's opinion; it is easy in solitude to live after our own; but the great person is the one who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

We must always remember that possessions have no inherent value.  They become what we make them.  If they increase our capacity to give, they become something good.  If they increase our focus on ourselves and become standards by which we measure other people, they become something bad.

Kent Nerburn

One Person's Garbage Is Another Person's Fortune
Charlie Badenhop

Do you ever find yourself slightly depressed because your life isn't working as you would like?  Here is a wonderful story that can help you to understand that life is always presenting you with opportunities to succeed.

Horinouchi Kyuichiro is a Japanese man who went from being a complete business failure, to becoming the president of a $100 million business empire.

While still in his early thirties, Horinouchi ran his family's business totally into the ground.  Bankrupt, shattered, and ashamed, he got in his car, drove away, and deserted his family and his creditors.  For months he lived on the streets amongst other homeless people, and spent many hours pondering his seemingly sad fate.

With lots of time to think, he came to realize three things:

1.  He previously had no concept of what would bring him joy in life.
2.  "Quality of life" was a term he hadn't understood.  He had been obsessed with "success" and he thought that with enough money to spend, the quality of his life could be purchased.
3.  The more he strove for material wealth, the more he found himself to be spiritually bankrupt.

With winter fast approaching, Horinouchi was wandering about aimlessly one day and came upon a broken kerosene heater left in the garbage.  Horinouchi had always enjoyed fixing things and he impulsively decided to take the broken heater back to his car and repair it.  By the time evening rolled around a ration of kerosene had been bought and he and a small flock of his homeless friends basked in the warmth of the rejuvenated heater.

As Horinouchi sat there, he realized not only that he had enjoyed doing the repair work, but that he also very much had enjoyed giving the heater a chance at a second life.  In that moment he vowed to give himself a shot at a second life as well.  Little did he realize that his personal desire to start all over again would spawn a wonderful rebirth for many others as well.

If you stay in Japan for some period of time you will be amazed at the quantity and quality of household goods that get discarded.  You can easily find working TV's, heaters, toasters, CD players, and computers.  People used to believe that the Japanese would never buy such discarded goods because they would feel that they smelled strange and seemed dirty.  Horinouchi proved everyone wrong!

He rekindled his entrepreneurial spirit by focusing on doing what he truly enjoyed--fixing things, and recycling goods rather than adding to Japan's already huge mound of garbage.  This time around he realized that by focusing on quality of life and job satisfaction, he would likely achieve financial stability as well.  Slowly, he built up a business of collecting, repairing, and reselling merchandise that had been thrown in the garbage.

As fate would have it, Horinouchi established his recycling business at the perfect moment--just as the Japanese economy began its meltdown.  As numerous businesses failed, "all of a sudden" people became quite open to saving money by buying second hand goods.  With Horinouchi having made the vow to reclaim his life, it seemed like the Universe was pitching in to fully support him.

Eventually he was able to save enough to open his own store, and the rest as they say, is history.  Today he has more than 200 franchised stores, with gross sales of more than $100 million a year, and a whole raft of new businesses in the early planning stages.

How about you?

Would you like to reprioritize and recycle your life by focusing on what brings you the greatest joy?

If you stay sensitive to ALL of life's offerings, you just might find the key to your success lays hidden in a pile of high quality "garbage"!

Can a truly happy person ever really be "unsuccessful"?

Charlie Badenhop, from his newsletter "Pure Heart, Simple Mind"  All rights reserved.  Charlie is the originator of the human potential discipline of Seishindo.  He is a native New Yorker and has been living in Japan since 1985.  He is a fourth degree black belt and licensed instructor of Aikido in Japan, a certified trainer in NLP, and a long term practitioner of Self-relations therapy, Ericksonian Hypnosis, and the Japanese healing art of sei tai and seiki jutsu.  You can visit Charlie's website at seishindo.org.

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Let the Past Go (an excerpt)
Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Do not begin the new year by recounting to yourself or others all your losses and sorrows.  Let the past go.

Should some good friend present you with material for a lovely garment, would you insult her by throwing it aside and describing the beautiful garments you had worn out in past times?

The new year has given you the fabric for fresh start in life; why dwell upon the events which have gone, the joys, blessings and advantages of the past!

Do not tell me it is too late to be successful or happy.  Do not tell me you are sick or broken in spirit; the spirit cannot be sick or broken, because it is of God.

It is your mind which makes your body sick.  Let the spirit assert itself and demand health and hope and happiness in this new year.

Forget the money you have lost, the mistakes you have made, the injuries you have received, the disappointments you have experienced.

Real sorrow, the sorrow which comes from the death of dear ones, or some great cross well borne, you need not forget.  But think of these things as sent to enrich your nature, and to make you more human and sympathetic.  You are missing them if you permit yourself instead to grow melancholy and irritable.

It is weak and unreasonable to imagine destiny has selected you for special suffering.  Sorrow is no respecter of persons.  Say to yourself with the beginning of this year that you are going to consider all your troubles as an education for your mind and soul; and that out of the experiences which you have passed through you are going to build a noble and splendid character, and a successful career.

Do not tell me you are too old.  Age is all imagination.  Ignore years and they will ignore you.

Eat moderately, and bathe freely in water as cold as nature's rainfall. Exercise thoroughly and regularly.

Be alive, from crown to toe.  Breathe deeply, filling every cell of the lungs for at least five minutes, morning and night, and when you draw in long, full breaths, believe you are inhaling health, wisdom and success.

Anticipate good health.  If it does not come at once, consider it a mere temporary delay, and continue to expect it.

Regard any physical ailment as a passing inconvenience, no more. Never for an instant believe you are permanently ill or disabled.

The young men of France are studying alchemy, hoping to learn the secret of the transmutation of gold.  If you will study your own spirit and its limitless powers, you will gain a greater secret than any alchemist ever held; a secret which shall give you whatever you desire.

Think of your body as the silver jewel box, your mind as the silver lining, your spirit as the gem.  Keep the box burnished and clear of dust, but remember always that the jewel within is the precious part of it.

Think of yourself as on the threshold of unparalleled success.  A whole, clear, glorious year lies before you!  In a year you can regain health, fortune, restfulness, happiness!

Push on!  Achieve, achieve!

From The Heart of the New Thought, 1902.  Ella's book is available for download on our free e-book page!


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The need to make wise choices encompasses every area of our lives.
Since we have time for only a limited amount of stuff,
we need to choose wisely what stuff we're going to allow to take up that time.
Since we have only a limited amount of time to spend with friends or to engage
in leisure activities, we need to choose our friends and our activities wisely.

Elaine St. James

Spirit to Spirit
David Thomas

I firmly believe that I am a spirit, that there is a soul that is with this body of mine.  I believe this because of the evidence that I've seen over the years that tells me it's so.  I've known things I shouldn't have known, understood things that should have been incomprehensible, and felt connections with people and things that I know I had no previous contact with.  I don't feel like a tiny drop in a huge ocean--rather, I feel like I'm a part of the entire ocean, that I'm unified with all things and with all people and with God.  I'm not at all sure what form God takes, but I'm sure that God is there and here, and that we are all a part of God, just as God is a part of all of us.

What does this mean to me?  It means that I can't go on living my life like I'm just a person who's going to live for a few years on this planet and then move on, no longer existing, just a miniscule blip on the universe's radar.  It means that I have a responsibility that I haven't considered before--as an eternal being in a mortal body for a short period of time, it's important that I consider myself as such so that I might be able to reach some of the amazing potential that I obviously have.

It means that I have to start relating to other people as they are in their depth--fellow spirits--and not just as other "people."  I need to start connecting with people in different and deeper ways, even though they might not be ready to do so.  I have to be careful in doing so, of course, because I may frighten them away or make them think that I'm so weird that they won't take me seriously anymore.

I had an interesting talk with a friend recently who's on the same wavelength as I, and a question that came up that kind of encapsulated this idea was "What do you want to do after you die?"  We just assume that we'll be shuttled somewhere and told what to do, but what happens if, as eternal spirits, we'll have a choice of our afterlife?  Will we be able to go and explore planets and suns?  Will we be able to come here again in a different body with different experiences?  Will we be able to rest in a type of paradise that we can't even imagine with the limitations that the human brain puts on our thoughts?

So I face a challenge that I don't know how to meet because I've never tried before.  How do I address you as a fellow spirit?  What do I say to you?  Is it even necessary to speak to you at all, or will just addressing a topic in a spiritual way be enough for us to understand each other?  And what is a spiritual way?  How will I have to look at something in order for it to be spiritual in nature?

This is the task that I'll be taking on, and I hope to make it valuable for all of us.  You are a spirit, spending time in a human body.  That's not how people tend to treat us, though.  We're treated with the limitations of the human experience.  I don't want to do that to you.  I want to treat you like the spirit you are, an amazing being who is here on this planet for a short time in order to learn what you need to learn.

And when we're done here, you and I will feel the unity that we experienced before we came here.  You and I will lose the shackles and the blinders that the human experience has provided for us, and we'll see clearly once more.  This is what the spiritual teachers of the world have taught for so long, but what we've ignored because of those same limitations.  It's time for me to work past the limitations and move forward into the world of the unlimited, and I'll be doing it right here every week or two.  I want to invite you along on this journey of unity rather than separation, peace rather than strife, and hope rather than despair.  Please join me!


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Pythagoras used to say that life resembles the Olympic Games:  a few people strain their muscles to carry off a prize; others bring trinkets to sell to the crowd for gain; and some there are, and not the worst, who seek no other profit than to look at the show and see how and why everything is done; spectators of the life of other people in order to judge and regulate their own.

Michel de Montaigne

The life in us is diminished by judgment far more frequently than by disease.  Our own self-judgment or the judgment of other people can stifle our life-force, its spontaneity and natural expression.  Unfortunately, judgment is commonplace.  It is as rare to find someone who loves us as we are as it is to find someone who loves themselves whole.  Judgment does not only take the form of criticism.  Approval is also a form of judgment.  When we approve of people, we sit in judgment of them as surely as when we criticize them.  Positive judgment hurts less acutely than criticism, but it is judgment all the same and we are harmed by it in far more subtle ways.  To seek approval is to have no resting place, no sanctuary.  Like all judgment, approval encourages a constant striving.  It makes us uncertain of who we are and of our true value.  This is as true of the approval we give ourselves as it is of the approval we offer others.  Approval can't be trusted.  It can be withdrawn at any time no matter what our track record has been.  It is as nourishing of real growth as cotton candy.  Yet many of us spend our lives pursuing it.

Rachel Naomi Remen
Let me explain what we mean by compassion.  Usually, our concept of compassion or love refers to the feeling of closeness we have with our friends and loved ones.  Sometimes compassion also carries a sense of pity.  This is wrong--any love or compassion which entails looking down on the other is not genuine compassion.  To be genuine, compassion must be based on respect for the other, and on the realization that others have the right to be happy and overcome suffering just as much as you.  On this basis, since you can see that others are suffering, you develop a genuine sense of concern for them.

As for the closeness we feel toward our friends, this is usually more like attachment than compassion.

Genuine compassion should be unbiased.  If we only feel close to
our friends, and not to our enemies, or to the countless people who are unknown to us personally and toward whom we are indifferent, then our compassion is only partial or biased.

Genuine compassion is based on the recognition that others have the right to happiness just like yourself, and therefore even your enemy is a human being with the same wish for happiness as you, and the same right to happiness as you.  A sense of concern developed on this basis is what we call compassion; it extends to everyone, irrespective of whether the person's attitude toward you is hostile or friendly.

The Dalai Lama


Life is made up not necessarily of great sacrifices or high-level duties
but of little things.  The smiles, the kindnesses, the commitments and
obligations and responsibilities that are given habitually and lovingly
are the blessings that win and preserve the heart and bring comfort
to one's self as we as to others.  This is the ministry
of service performed by every useful life.

John Marks Templeton
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