Success Is the Quality of Your Journey
Jennifer James

This is a decent book, but whether you like it or not will depend on what you look for in your reading.  This is a collection of very short works--most three or four paragraphs long--on topics ranging from Christmas to friendship to joy to retribution.  These are short-short essays on each topic, and the essays themselves are made up of short paragraphs that don't strongly develop ideas.  That said, the quality of the content is quite high, in that James gets to the crux of each matter on almost every topic, and this is the type of book that I like to have on the nightstand, to read when I go to bed and I don't want to get caught up in something long.

It's also nice for those times when you have a short time to read and you want to read something in its whole.  One or two pages here can give you an awful lot to think about, and the essays function more as types of meditations that can keep you focused on positive topics in your daily life.  I don't feel, though, that this is an exceptional book in any way, and there isn't much here that's new and/or different from much of the other stuff that you'll find in the self-help section.  Some of her essays are simply too short to be really valuable, and she even devotes a few entire pages to thoughts and ideas from other people.  All in all, a very decent read, but among the good, not among the best.
Our rating:  B
Amazon rating (August, 2012):  5 stars of 5, 2 reviews
Barnes and Noble rating (July, 2012):  no reviews