Prescriptions for Living
Bernie Siegel

In this delightful series of vignettes that are focused on life, living, and getting along with others, Siegel offers us a host of lessons on some of the more common--and therefore most neglected--aspects of life, such as taking good care of ourselves, being honest, dealing with fears, and being careful to look at life in healthy ways.  His experience as a surgeon and his former life as a difficult-to-like doctor help him to create lessons that are memorable, enjoyable, and entirely effective.  He doesn't resort to sappiness or cheesiness to get his points across; instead, he takes us on a journey through the learning that he has done in his life, always showing us with reverence the teachers who have taught him the most effectively.

From the man who brought wine for everyone in the hospital but him to his son's willingness to eat food that he wouldn't give to his dog, Siegel finds important messages and lessons in his daily life, and shares them with us and reflects on their value.  All in all, this is an easy read, a fairly quick read, and a very valuable read.  Highly recommended as a strong lesson in perspective.
Our rating:  A
Amazon rating (July, 2012):  Four stars, 8 reviews
Barnes and Noble rating (July, 2012):  No reviews