After many years of reading books and watching movies of inspirational and uplifting material, it's about time that we started reviewing some of the works that we've enjoyed (and haven't much enjoyed).  We've read literally hundreds of books to create and add to this site, and now it's time to tell you what we really enjoyed, what we kind of enjoyed, what was helpful, and what was basically a waste of time and effort (fortunately, few works fall into this last category).  This list will be presented alphabetically by the last name of a book's author or the first word of a movie's title.  When you click on a title, a new window will open; simply close the window to return to this page.
A-C Richard Carlson
You Can Be Happy No Matter What
D-F Dead Poets Society
G-I Michael Goddart
Bliss:  33 Simple Ways to Awaken Your Spiritual Self
J-M Jennifer James
Success Is the Quality of Your Journey
Og Mandino's Great Trilogy Phil McGraw
Life Strategies
N-P Native American Wisdom, edited by Alan Jacobs

Q-T Salle Merrill Redfield
Creating a Life of Joy
Rachel Naomi Remen
Kitchen Table Wisdom

My Grandfather's Blessings
Bernie Siegel
Prescriptions for Living
Elaine St. James
Living the Simple Life
Sue Patton Thoele
The Courage to Be Yourself