Bliss:  33 Simple Ways to Awaken Your Spiritual Self
Michael Goddart

Goddart presents some very interesting content here, telling us the value of things like "Spend a Day in Slow Motion" and "Give up Something You Don't Like," two chapters in the book.  While I really like his focus on spirit and many of the topics he explores, you really need to want a book that gives you exercises and activities, for those make up over 90% of the content.  While I usually tend to like such things, I found the balance to be far too strong on the exercises, as I sometimes felt that I was being given advice on what to do when the topic hadn't been fully developed yet.  For example, "Spend Two Minutes a Day with Your Higher Power" has just four paragraphs of background, then two pages of exercises.  "Clean Your Home Humbly and Lovingly" has two paragraphs, then three and a half pages.

So in a way, this book is predominantly about telling us what to do, suggesting activities, and then telling us what the results should be.  The important question that we have to ask ourselves, though, is "What if these kinds of exercises aren't effective for us?"  It can be great being given ideas of what to do to improve your spiritual awareness, but I couldn't shake the feeling as I read that there could have and should have been much more balance.  All in all, it's one that I would recommend with reservations.  If you like this type of presentation, then it's easy to read and straightforward.  If you want more content that explores what it means to explore our spiritual side, then you may want to look elsewhere.

One telling fact--there are many, many copies available for a penny at both Amazon and B & N.
Our rating:  B-  (A- for exercise content, C- for content)
Amazon rating (July, 2012):  4 stars of five
Barnes and Noble rating (July, 2012):  no reviews