It's time to relax.

It's very easy to forget to relax during our hectic days and nights, during the time when we're constantly trying to get things done.  So many of us are spending so much time on our jobs and our extra tasks in life that we tend to forget to slow down and reassess what we're doing and why.
So take a deep, slow breath.  No, really--go ahead.  Take a deep, slow breath, taking in as much air as you can as slowly as you can.  Feel your lungs fill, and then hold the breath for five to ten seconds.
Let your breath out slowly, feeling the stress leave your body as you exhale.  The hurry and the stress can ride out of your body and mind in the air that you breathe out, and if you can allow your mind to focus on the breathing, you can slow down those thoughts that are running around in your mind at about a million miles an hour.
Take in another deep breath, slowly and surely.  Hold it for five to ten seconds, then exhale slowly. . . . slowly. . . . slowly. . . .
There are many important things in your life that you need to take care of, but if you take the time to relax and treat yourself well, you will find that these few minutes of relaxation can provide a huge benefit to you.
So take another deep breath, very slowly, and hold it in.  Release it slowly and feel the tension leave your body with the air.  If you do this ten to fifteen times, you'll find yourself feeling energized, relaxed, and in a more positive state of mind.

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How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then rest afterward.

Spanish proverb




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