A celebration of the peace in YOU!

May peace be with you, and may peace grow in you.  One of the greatest gifts that life has to offer is peace:  peace of mind, peace of heart, peace in spirit, and a peaceful environment.  In peace we can grow, and we can keep our peace even in the most difficult of times if we learn how to let peace grow and live within us.  Peace is possibly the most important element of our lives, as necessary as water is for plants, as important as the ocean is for the fish who live there.
We lose our peace when we allow outside forces to compromise it.  In other words, when something outside our control happens, we let go of our peace--we let it slip away and we lose our ability to slip into it and take care of problems from a place of peace.  But how much more effective in crisis situations are the people who are able to hold on to their peace?  The people who are able to stay calm are those who accomplish the most when life gets hectic or crazy, and that calmness always is a result of the inner peace that those people accept, nurture, and hold onto.

Peace allows us to accept people and their actions without being judgmental.  Peace allows us to make our way through crises without the fear that they will overwhelm us.  Peace gives us low blood pressure and lower stress levels, improving our physical and emotional health.  Peace allows us to relate to other people without the need to control.  Peace allows us to get our work done without wishing we were elsewhere.  Peace helps to keep in check such destructive emotions as anger, resentment, jealousy, envy, fear, and many others that are born of a lack of inner peace.
May your peace stay with you always, and may you share your peace with the other people who are in your life, be it for years or for minutes.  When you share your peace, it's like a breath of fresh air to someone else who may be caught up in the hectic moment or in the rat race that keeps them from slowing down and relaxing.  When you share your peace, you give others a glimpse of what it's like to live in peace, and you give them an idea of what it must be like to have peace, and eventually they may realize that it's important for them to search out their own peace, to work at developing the peaceful side of them that can make life a blessing rather than a trial.

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