A celebration of the vision of YOU!

You have vision, though many are hesitant to trust that vision of life, of living, of who we are and what we're meant to be as human beings.  Sometimes your vision runs contrary to the visions of others who somehow have "authority," so you relegate your vision to the basement of your mind, going down sometimes to visit it and dust it off, but never bringing it out into the light where it may grow into the astonishing view of life that it was meant to be.
The uniqueness of your vision makes it all that much more important to others who are caught up in their own visions, who see the world in their own limited way.  We all have limits to what we can see, and it's important that we learn from the vision of others if we're to see this world as fully as possible.  Vision gives us a view of all that affects us and teaches us ways to deal with the trials of life, and a broader sense of appreciation for the gifts and pleasures of life.

Trust your vision--allow it to be an important part of who you are.  But do not hesitate to change your vision as times demand.  As you learn more about life and your self, you will find that your vision shifts, that you see different things and that you see them in different ways.  Holding on to yesterday's vision for fear of letting your vision go somewhere that you may not want it to go is simply trying to control your life to make it what you want it to be, rather than allowing life to teach you and help you to grow into something that you simply cannot imagine right now.
Share your vision with me.  Two weeks ago I had a talk with a friend about things being "meant" to happen.  I disagreed with him, and he disagreed with me, but we each shared our vision of that topic.  The next day I realized that his view made perfect sense, and that I now agreed with him, and I told him so.  My vision of life is now somewhat different, and I feel strongly that this new idea was very important for me to learn.  Today or next week or next month I'll talk to someone else whose vision will allow my own vision to shift and become something slightly different, and I'll be ever grateful to that person for having shared.

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