A celebration of the treasure of YOU!

Usually we think of treasure as something that's been hidden and that people have to search for.  Story after story tells us of characters who are searching for a hidden treasure, only to discover that the treasure inside is much more important than any sort of material wealth.

Why don't we listen to those stories and accept their message?

You are a treasure.  You are love and caring and potential, and what you have to give to others is much more important than anything they can get in a paycheck or in a store.  Perhaps you haven't yet reached a point at which you're comfortable with giving of yourself; that's okay--just be patient.  Perhaps you haven't yet uncovered the most important elements of your unique treasure; that's okay--just keep searching and being true to yourself.

I always feel revitalized and energized when I meet people who recognize the fact that they are treasures, and that they have much to share with others.  And their message to me always has been the same--they aren't doing or being anything different than everyone else can do or be.  They just allow themselves to recognize that they are worthy, more worthy than any material goods ever can be, and they spend their time trying to help others to recognize, accept, and cherish their own worthiness.

Treasures that are buried in the ground or hidden in a cave do no good for anyone.  They just sit there, unused and unknown.  Treasures that are brought out into the light and then used for the common good are the most special treasures there are, and the amazing thing about them is that even though we give freely of them, they continue to grow larger and stronger and more valuable.  We will have times when we feel exhausted from giving of our treasure, but we will be replenished, either through rest or through other people sharing their treasure with us.  We just have to be aware and awake so that we can accept what they have to give.
You are a treasure yourself, and you are full of treasures that can be helpful to many, many people.  Be patient, and know that the people who will recognize the treasure that you are and that is in you  are out there, but that not everyone will recognize it.  Be you, be kind to yourself, and know that the treasure that you are is more valuable than any sort of material goods.

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