A celebration of the uniqueness of YOU!

You have been created as a completely unique individual.  While your thoughts and ideas may be similar to those of other human beings, no one possesses exactly the same combination of gifts and abilities and dreams and hopes and ambitions that you carry within you.  Your uniqueness is beautiful, and only waiting for you to embrace it so that it can reach its full potential of beauty, peace, and love.
Somehow, being "different" has come to carry negative connotations in many cultures, so many people shy away from celebrating their uniqueness.  Rather, they try to "fit in," to do things as other people do things so that they don't attract attention in a negative way.  The loss to the world when people do this is not measurable--we have millions of people who could be contributing wonderfully unique ideas to the world, walking around trying to be like everyone else.  Rather than contribute their unique ideas and thoughts and ways, they help to perpetuate the status quo, helping to keep things the same in order to keep things "safe."

But the world needs you just as you are!  You were created to be a truly unique individual so that you could pass on your special gifts to those who might need them, yet if you don't allow those gifts to flourish, no one will benefit from your unique vision, your unique self.  What you have to give from deep inside of yourself is your gift and yours alone, the only such precise combination of knowledge and thoughts and insights that exists on this planet.
Allow your uniqueness to grow.  Nurture it, explore it, love it, keep it in a special place in your heart.  Let the light of your differences shine out for all to see, so that others may benefit from all that you've learned and all that you've seen.  You have much to give that no one else can give, much to be that no one else ever will be.  Allow yourself to be exactly who you are, and don't allow the world to squelch your way of being.  If you can do this, you can help others to let their own uniqueness develop and turn into something that will make them proud to be exactly who they are--beautifully unique creatures on a planet that thrives on the differences between things and the cooperation that results when unique individuals allow each other to be who they are.


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