I wish you clarity--clarity in your vision of who you want to be, clarity in your vision of what you want out of life, and clarity in your vision of how you can contribute to this world.  With a clear sense of who you are and what you're doing, you can contribute truly wonderful things to your community and to the world as a whole, as long as you're willing to put yourself out there and take the risks necessary to do so.

With a clear vision, there's no limit to the amount that you can accomplish for the good of all people, as well as for your own good.  Clarity gives us the advantage of knowing exactly what our goals are, and allowing us to work towards them in ways that will ensure that we attain them.  Clarity allows us to avoid the confusion of uncertainty, and it helps us to make decisions that are realistic, practical, and helpful.  I wish you the ability to see clearly in all aspects of your life--in your relationships, in your profession, in your hobbies, in the ways that you can help other people to see clearly in their lives.

I wish you clarity in your vision of right and wrong, of proper and improper, of helpful and harmful, so that you may make decisions and take actions that will be a tribute to who you are and that will help others to see through your example just how positive life can be when we care about how our actions affect others.  When you can walk through life and sleep at night with a clear conscience, then life has a quality that it does not have when we are agonizing over something that we've done or something that we must do.  May your clarity of vision also extend always to a clear view of just how valuable you are as a human being who is sharing this planet with so many other human beings, and just how important you are to so many of us.


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As you take a few minutes each day to quiet your mind, you will discover
a nice benefit: your everyday, "ordinary" life will begin to seem far more
extraordinary.  Little things that previously went unnoticed will begin to
please you.  You'll be more easily satisfied, and happier all around.  Rather
than focusing on what's wrong with your life, you'll find yourself thinking
about and more fully enjoying what's right with your life.  The world won't
change, but your perception of it will.  You'll start to notice the little acts of
kindness and caring from other people rather than the negativity and anger.

Jack Canfield